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You have been incredible to work with on this and really made sure it all ran as it needed to, considering it was quite a short deadline and the logistical enormity of it all. All of the artists were so brilliant to work with, they just nailed the whole thing and I am so pleased with the result.
Hayley, Surrey

We are your fast, flexible and friendly Voiceover Agency.

BigFish Media is run by a team of experienced Voiceover Artists. We have a passion for the business and a wealth of expertise and knowledge about all aspects of the voiceover industry.

How To Book Your Voiceover Artist

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We are a Voiceover Agency and Recording Studio near London run by the former BBC Radio 2 Newsreader Ricky Salmon.

You can choose from a huge selection of UK, Child, Teenage, International, Cartoon, Character and Gaming Voiceovers.

How Can I Join BigFish Media?


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How to Book Your Voiceover Artist

1) Choose your Voiceover Artist
2) Send us the script, usage and video
3) We'll send you a quote
4) Agree terms and sign a contract
5) You can Make a Payment via Paypal, BACS or credit card
6) Direct your Voiceover Artist
7) Download your edited audio

BFM Team

For a more detailed description of how we could work together, please visit How To Book Your Voiceover Artist and Why Should I Choose BigFish Media?

Our Digital Recording Studio

You can hire our studio by the hour or day.

You can choose from Voice-to-Picture (sync) or wild voiceover recordings. We can also carry out ADR sessions.

You can direct your chosen voiceover artist via IpDTL, Skype, phone, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom, conference call or in person.

BFM Office

We are located in a private residential road in Woking, Surrey, just thirty minutes from London Waterloo and within easy reach of the M25, M3 and A3. Parking is free.

Voiceover Testimonials

Thank you for Cosmo and Robert R, they sound brilliant.
Adam, London

Raphaela did a brilliant job.
Caroline, London

Absolutely brilliant session with Chris K
Alicia, Buckinghamshire

Caroline is so good.
Jez, Sussex

Your help is appreciated. Fantastic service!
Mike, London

Lucy W absolutely knocked everyone's socks off. She was amazing!
Mike, New York

Voiceover Testimonials

Voiceover Clients

* American Express
* Boeing
* Coca-Cola
* Costa Coffee
* eBay
* Facebook
* Google
* Hewlett Packard
* Jaguar Landrover
* Mastercard
* Mercedes Benz
* McAfee
* Nestle
* PepsiCo
* Rolls Royce
* Sainsbury's
* Samsung
* Tata Steel
* Tesco
* TikTok
* Unilever
* Vodafone

Voiceover Clients

Voiceover Work

Daniel D recorded voiceovers for Royal Mail

Leah recorded voiceovers for Replagal

Helen S recorded voiceovers for InterTrust Group

Hugo recorded voiceovers for Langage Energy Centre

Dominique recorded voiceovers for Technip

Andrea recorded voiceovers for IsDB

Joyce recorded Irish voiceovers for Hamell

Sara recorded voiceovers for GE Healthcare

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About Us

You can choose one of our Voiceover Artists for your next TV Documentary, Radio or TV Commercial, Online Advert, On Hold message, IVR, Podcast, Web Video, Explainer, Voice of God, Webinar, E-Learning, Video Game, Corporate Video or Mobile Phone App.

You can direct the session by Skype, Microsoft Teams, phone, conference call or in person at our studio near London.

BigFish Media Ltd was established in 2004 and is run run by the former BBC Radio 2 Newsreader Ricky Salmon and the BigFish Media Team.

Studio Availability