UK Teenagers Voices

Here are our UK Teenage Voiceover Artists.

For teenage voices under 16, these young voiceovers are experienced in their craft. Despite that, they can take longer to record a script in exactly the way you would like and so we always use an experienced voice director who knows them well. This ensures we get the best performance from the child. When booking, do bear in mind that children can only do voiceover work after school (normally after 4pm) or during school holidays.

For those teenage voiceover artists over 16 years of age, they may not need a voiceover director, however their performance will be hugely improved if we provide this service. They can sometimes work during office hours.

UK Teenage Boys



Ben W:

Callum K:


Dan R:

Dylan I:

Elliot K:

Elliot O:

James P:

Joel O:

Joshua F:

Krishan P:

Lewis O:



Sam D:

Thomas K:

Toby L:


UK Teenage Girls


Amelie F:

Anouska W:

Dolly H:


Ella O:

Ellie H:

Eve B:

Fern B:


Jasmine H:

Kacie B:

Katie W:


Laura S:


If you would prefer to book an adult who sounds like a child or teenager, please contact us.

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