Studio Availability

The BigFish Media Team are available to take voiceover sessions at the following times.

These are the names of our team on duty, not the names of the voiceover artists.

Monday 21st Lorraine
Tuesday 22nd John booked 10am-3pm
Wednesday 23rd Lorraine booked 11am-1pm & 5-6pm
Thursday 24th Lorraine booked 11am-12noon
Friday 25th John Lorraine & Amy

Tuesday 29th John, Amy & Lorraine
Wednesday 30th John, Amy & Lorraine
Thursday 31st John booked 2-4pm, Amy & Lorraine


Friday 1st John Lorraine & Amy

Monday 4th John, Amy & Lorraine
Tuesday 5th John, Amy & Lorraine
Wednesday 6th John, Amy & Lorraine
Thursday 7th John, Amy & Lorraine
Friday 8th John, Amy & Lorraine

Monday 11th John booked 11am-1pm; Lorraine
Tuesday 12th Amy
Wednesday 13th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 14th Lorraine
Friday 15th Amy

Monday 18th Amy and Lorraine
Tuesday 19th Amy
Wednesday 20th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 21st Lorraine
Friday 22nd Amy

Monday 25th Amy and Lorraine
Tuesday 26th Amy
Wednesday 27th Amy and Lorraine
Thursday 28th Lorraine
Friday 29th Amy

To book a voiceover, email now