Studio Availability

If a team member is shown as being booked below then our studio is not available during that time period. Please choose a time slot from 10am-5pm UK time. If no one is shown as being booked that day then our studio is free all day.

Monday 21 Caroline booked 10-11; John booked 2-6pm
Tuesday 22 Caroline, John and Lorraine
Wednesday 23 Jack and Lorraine
Thursday 24 Ricky booked 9-10am; Jack and Lorraine
Friday 25 Ricky

Monday 28 Caroline
Tuesday 29 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 30 Lorraine booked 10am-11am; Jack
Thursday 31 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 1 Ricky

Monday 4 Caroline
Tuesday 5 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 6 Lorraine and Jack
Thursday 7 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 8 Ricky

Monday 11 Caroline
Tuesday 12 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 13 Lorraine and Jack
Thursday 14 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 15 Ricky

Monday 18 Caroline
Tuesday 19 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 20 Lorraine and Jack
Thursday 21 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 22 Ricky

Monday 25 Caroline
Tuesday 26 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 27 Lorraine and Jack
Thursday 28 Jack and Lorraine
Friday 1 Ricky

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