Studio Availability

If a team member is shown as being booked below then our studio is not available during that time period. Please choose a time slot from 10am-5pm UK time. If no team member is shown as being booked on the day you would like, then our studio is free all day.

Tuesday 20 Jack; Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 21 John booked 5-7pm; Lorraine
Thursday 22 John booked 11am-12noon
Friday 23 Ricky

Monday 26 Bank Holiday - Closed
Tuesday 27 Caroline and Lorraine
Wednesday 28 Lorraine
Thursday 29 Ricky
Friday 30 Ricky

Monday 2 Lorraine and Caroline
Tuesday 3 Lorraine and Caroline
Wednesday 4 Lorraine
Thursday 5 Ricky
Friday 6 Ricky

Monday 9 Lorraine and Caroline
Tuesday 10 Lorraine and Caroline
Wednesday 11 Lorraine and Jack
Thursday 12 Lorraine and Jack
Friday 13 Lorraine

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